Investment & Wealth Optimization

Investment Portfolio Analysis & Restructure

WGFC will be able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, so you know what you really have and what its true value is. Additionally, having the optimal structure is key, so we work with tax specialists globally to ensure your structure is optimized and efficient.


Growth & Planning Support

Once you know what you have and your overall structure is in place, then the next step is to plan for the future. WGFC will help you answer the question of “where you want to be and by when?”. Appropriate and flexible asset allocation is key to long term success for a fund or high net worth individual. Depending on your specific needs and goals, being too highly geared or conservative, or lacking the correct diversification, could lead to lower than expected return’s and being exposed to avoidable risks, setting yourself up for failure WGFC guides its clients in building a portfolio adapted to their needs and assist in the required structural change to reach their goals which will change over time.


Venture Capital Asset Management

With so many financial instruments & products in the market, we believe each is unique in its own way, and requires expertise for each of those products and private equity (Venture Capital) is no different. A very exclusive and quickly expanding investment sector, which is known for it’s high risk but high returns needs to be analyzed and managed meticulously to ensure you are not investing into a write off or an overvalued asset. We currently work with multiple VC funds offering analysis and management services for their funds and investments.



One of the difficulties with the VC world is that finding new investments that are going to be the next unicorn. It can be a nightmare in creating a deal flow that can assist you in finding that 100x return, which can be very time consuming and requires years to build, WGFC has spent years creating a network in niche sectors such as porptech , fintech , Online classifies & marketplaces, we get a constant deal inflow of new investment opportunities coming to us on a daily basis.



We spend the time screening each and every potential investment to ensure it is invest worthy via multiple methods. So tell us what you are looking for and we can help place the right investment suited to your portfolio.



Managing an investment is a very time-consuming process and requires resources to ensure your investment is on track, we work with the investments personally to ensure that we are getting the correct information on the progress of the company on a regular basis. Understanding at where the company is at every step of its investment cycle is key, and where possible we will assist to accelerate growth of your overall portfolio, we are highly experienced in delivering the right support to help your assets perform as expected.



One of our core strengths is working with start-ups and growth companies that we like to call “the problem child”, either assisting to get them back on track or looking at ways to dispose of them: We don’t like putting money into black holes. The end result of any investment is to get out with the highest return in the shortest amount of time, so via our management we can assist this process while you sit back and get the return you want.