Investment Optimization

Investment & Portfolio; Restructure & Analysis

Do you have a good overview of your investments and your overall portfolio?
Does everything seem like a mess?
Do you know what your investments are doing?
If any of the above are not clear then get in contact with us , and we will be able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together so you know really what you have and what it is really worth.

Growth & Planning Support

Once you know where you stand and what you actually have, the next step is to plan for the future , with where you want to be , or just want to be able to accelerate what you already have but need the support to help it get there. Then get in contact with us and see how we can help.
We get a constant inflow of new opportunities coming to us everyday, so tell us what your looking for and we can help place the right investment suited to your portfolio.
One of our core strengths is working with investments that we like to call “ the problem child’s ” , either assisting to get them back on track or looking at ways to dispose of them , so your not putting money into a black hole.
Having the optimal structure is key , we work with Tax specialists globally to ensure your structure is optimized to the fullest so you are getting the best results you can.

Asset Allocation structuring

Asset allocation is one of the key elements to long term success for a fund , high net individual or a company , as being too highly geared to one bucket could mean not having the return you want , or setting yourself up for failure.
This is something you can talk to WGFC about.

Execution Support

Just don’t have the time to get things done ? then let us help you get to that low hanging fruit , so you get the traction you require and never miss an opportunity.