Corporate Finance Advisory

Focused in the online world, covering start-ups, growth companies and global leaders, with a specific focus in the sectors of proptech, fintech, online classifieds and marketplaces. We have assisted multiple companies through different stages of their M&A process, whether it is raising money, looking to acquire a new company or sell down, we can help ensure that you are prepared for anything thrown at you, and assist to get the most value out of your process.


We don’t just work with anyone, we only take a select number of clients per year to assist in positioning their business to help it grow, to its full potential. Having the advantage of being on both sides of the coin as advisors & investors we know what is required to get a business in the right shape to help it achieve its goals.


Transaction Structuring:

Ensuring you have the right transaction structure in place is key, especially at different stages of a company’s lifecycle, having the wrong structure can hinder the business in future raises or sell downs , so let us guide you down the right path.


Business Plan & Budgets:

Nobody knows their business better than you, but when it comes to having a defendable and hole proof business plan or budget to show investors it can sometimes be hard, especially being time poor, WGFC can assist with Building it from scratch or Reviewing & Advising on suggested change, that can easily be be presented to shareholders and potential investors with confidence.



If your raising money , selling down or just keen to understand your value at any given time , then we can help with that, having a understanding of what your company is worth , will give you the advantage when negotiating with potential investors , it will add value to your outcome and allows you to clearly justify any number put forth, information is power.


Marketing Document Preparation:

First impressions last, as investors we usually only read the first 3 pages of any deck, so let us help with getting your company out there. As we work with investors on a day to day basis ourselves, we review 100’s of teasers and investment decks every month and know what information is crucial for an investment decision to be made and how it should be structured:

   Full Investor Deck
   Teaser Deck
   Sales Deck
   Short investor video (1 min)
   Board Presentation’s


Investor Ready:

Once you have all the tools to pitch your company , you will then need to prepare before meeting with potential investors, you want to make sure you are ready for what is going to be thrown at you , WGFC can get you prepped to know what to expect and help you focus on the key points.


Corporate Governance Assistance:

Ensuring you have your corporate governance in order is key for you and your shareholders, we can help on an ongoing basis with the management of;

   Shareholder Agreements review & updating
   Organisation structuring
   Board of Directors structuring
   Compliance Review – Ensure your company is compliant with the local authorities


Shareholder Management:

It is hard enough to find shareholders, so you want to make sure you keep them happy and informed, we can assist with the communication side to those investors and take the burden away from you, this service will include:

   A Quarterly Shareholder presentation
   Assistance in formatting and reviewing financials’ and forecasts for presentation
   Assistance in organising a quarterly catch up with shareholders


Other M&A Advisory Services;

With in-depth knowledge in niche industries such as proptech, fintech , online classifieds and marketplaces, WGFC provides trusted and confidential consulting services on a global scale assisting in external growth, divestment strategy, more particularly, we advise on sale, purchase of assets, mergers, private placements, Joint-Ventures, divestments of non-strategic assets, spin-offs and capital restructurings, amongst others.


Together with the abovementioned services, WGFC is your key corporate finance partner offering:

   Transaction & Process Structuring: Shareholding structure definition, timing, vehicles involved, financing, etc.
   Analysis of Synergies in Company Acquisitions and Mergers
   Advisory in Pricing, Term Sheets, Share Purchase Agreements, Shareholders’ Agreements, etc.
   Vendor and Confirmatory Due Diligence Support