Corporate Finance Advisory

Focused in the online world, covering start-ups, growth companies and global leaders.

M&A services

We evaluate potential targets or merger partners as well as financial and strategic alternatives. We advise on strategy, timing, structure, financing, pricing, and we assist in negotiating and closing transactions. In addition, we act as a dealer-manager in tender or exchange offers.
Purchase Mandates
Sale Mandates
Private Placements
Divestments of non-strategic activities
Capital restructurings
Sale/purchase of assets
Spin-offs etc…

With in-depth knowledge in many industries,

Eurohold provides trusted and confidential consulting services to:
Global or national companies in their external growth and/or divestment strategy
Private independent companies in their total or partial sale strategy
Real Estate Investar
List Globally
Transmit Data
Property Portal Accelerators
Viva Real

Financial Modeling

Need any of the following professionally created so you know that your numbers can be presented to anyone with confidence.
5 + year Business Plans
Company Valuations
Discount Cashflows
Company Budgets
Company Forecasts
Key metric reports

Company & Portfolio Valuation

Want to know what your actually sitting on and what you should be selling or aiming to sell your company at , or just want to know out of curiosity then contact us so we can help you be informed.


Funding  Assistance & Analysis

Looking for funding ?
Want to get in front of some investors ?
We can help get you in front of investors , we will review your company to understand what type of investor would best suit you , also help understand what amount you really need and what type of deal and or valuation you should be looking for.
Also we can assist help you sell if your looking for an exit.

Marketing Documents Preparation

(e.g. Teasers, Information Memorandum)

Want to get in front of investors and make an impact , as we work with investors ourselfs we review 100’s of teasers and investment decks every week , so we know what to look for and how it should look , so if your looking for some help on this and want to make sure your seen get in contact with us.

Board Representation

Don’t have the time to be an active board member , and need someone that can fill in for you , but provide the key knowledge and assistance needed , but also be kept in the loop on whats happening. Then get one of our team members to assist you.