Strategic Consulting

We work with some of the industries guru’s such as Simon Baker (CAV Services) , to assist your business with a 1-3 day session on your business strategy to assist to put you on the right path to get your business where you want it to. If you want ongoing assistance, then we can bespoke this to your needs. WGFC consultants have a wide range of experience having attained success at all levels, from running private SMEs all the way to creating multinational billion cap companies. With such resources WGFC has the ability to advise SMEs and global companies in building a solid strategy and understand the priorities and what can be added to optimize the assets it currently has.


Sales & marketing consulting

Owning and running an online business is becoming more and more complex over time. In these types of businesses, you will need to think about and provide a solution to multiple elements such as:

   Industry Sales & Marketing.
   A continued focus on product development and innovation.
   Generating qualified traffic to your advertisers
   Converting this traffic into qualified leads WGFC works with an expert in this field, that has years of experience in the proptech industry that can help you;
   Increase Revenue by connecting you with the target audience
   Improve Efficiency and optimise your customer relations.
   Generate Leads and connect with your users


Financial Consulting

WGFC helps optimizing and safeguarding the key finance issues that any organization might face, such as:

   Finance Strategy: Assist in driving efficiency in routine transactional processes, systems and human resources, allowing for an optimized finance function that will help extract the strategic value available to the client’s organization.


   Working Capital Management: With hands-on experience in cash flow management, we help our clients’ free up cash, allowing them to improve their ability to fund new products, move into new markets, pay down debt, or undertake strategic initiatives.


   Planning and Performance Management: Ensuring the right key metrics and drivers are monitored and the information gathering process facilitates key decisions are made with the best possible data, as planning for the future is key and has to be carried out with the appropriate information.


   Finance Due Diligence: If you are thinking of acquiring a new company or just want to understand your own business, then we can perform a finance due diligence, to help you understand what exposure is open to you.


   Compliance: Support in applying best practices.


Process Consulting

Clients may have the right strategy, the right people and money in the bank, but results are still far from ideal. WGFC ensures company’s processes are in place, revising them, detecting and correcting any potential inefficiencies and helping managers make the difference. From surviving to flourishing.


Market Research

WGFC offers assistance in the internationalization process of companies, conducting the required analysis of a specific market and extracting the most valued information for strategic decision making, either if the client wants to know more about a market where it operates or is planning to enter into a new region.