Corporate Finance and Wealth Optimization Advisory

for the Online Venture Capital Industry


Who We Are

Water Green Finance Consulting is a global financial services firm providing, services such as corporate finance and wealth optimization for entities, investment funds and high wealth individuals, with a clear focus on industries such as proptech, fintech, online classifieds & marketplaces. WGFC also offers a broad range of complementary services including strategic advisory, financial consulting, accounting and compliance management services.



Investment & Wealth Optimization


Do you have a good overview of the value of your investments and your overall portfolio?
Do you know how are your investments performing?
Have you selected and built the appropriate asset allocation structure?

If not then let us help you, information is power in order to make the right decision is key, so see how we can help you with this today.


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Corporate Finance Advisory


Focused on the online world and covering start-ups, growth companies and global leaders, WGFC provides End-to-End Advisory in M&A to get you investor ready with services such as:
    Marketing Documents Preparation; Investor & teaser decks
    Business Plan build & review
    Ad-hoc financial modeling
    Transaction structuring
    Company Valuation’s
    Corporate Governance Assistance
    Shareholder Management
    Due diligence support


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We work with some of the gurus of the online industries, so why not get the help you need from the people that know your industry best.

WGFC is an expert in inefficiencies detection and resources management. WGFC works hand in hand with its clients throughout all the planning and execution stages of its strategy.

We help you in optimizing returns and drive each part of your business to deliver to its full potential.

    Strategic Consulting
    Financial Consulting
    Process Consulting
    Sales & Marketing Consulting
    Market Research


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Accounting & Compliance Management


With a team of chartered accountants, who have more than 20+ years of experience managing full company finance functions & compliance in multiple jurisdictions across the globe.
Some of the services include:
    Virtual CFO
    Budgeting & Forecasting
    Local Accounting & Bookkeeping
    Financial Reporting – Fund, Consolidation & General
If you are thinking in entering into a new market and are not sure how to set up the compliance side of your operations, we can help with this:
   Audit Management
    Bank Account Set Up
    Tax Assistance
    Company set up’s
    Compliance Management

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